Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Hate People Wearing Hateful T-Shirts

Stand up, take a long walk, and then...



  1. It's unbelievable that people think that free speech includes hate. Your opinion is your opinion and we know everybody has them and something else I won't mention here. People need to stand up for themselves, be it against hate or the people next door who think 12 hours of loud noise is acceptable. Sometimes we have to force people to be responsible adults by standing up for our rights.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. I am sure there are things queers hate too! You just can't fight everything,sometimes you are just bringing yourself down to a stratum of the simple minded folk you are fighting.People will always love or hate. It is a plus when you tje haters than the pretenders who'd mingle with you.

  3. Freedom of speech is one thing. Spreading a hateful message across a T-Shirt is altogether something else. It's not only a matter of taste; but one of human decency. What a vile creature this person must be to wake up and put on such an ugly spirited message.